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Cancer in Rectal – KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment

The rectal or rectum is the lower part of the colon that connects the large bowel to the anus. The rectum’s primary function is to store formed stool in preparation for evacuation. Cancer in rectal is abnormal growths of cells in the rectum. Cancer is a term reserved for malignant tumor. Malignant tumors (cancer) grow and spread aggressively. Malignant can grow rapidly, invading and destroying nearby tissue.

Staging of Cancer in Rectal

The overall staging for cancer in rectal uses I through IV, with I being the earliest stage and IV being the latest.

The stages of rectal cancer are as follows:

Stage I

  • The tumor involves only the first or second layer of the rectal wall and no lymph nodes are involved.

Stage II

  • The tumor penetrates into the rectum, but no lymph nodes are involved.

Stage III

  • Regardless of how deeply the tumor penetrates, the lymph nodes are involved with the cancer.

Stage IV

  • Convincing evidence of the cancer exists in other parts of the body, outside of the rectal area.

It is important to know the stages of the cancer. This in information helps the patients and physicians choose the best treatment for them.

What are the symptoms of Cancer in Rectal?

Early stages of cancer in rectal may have no symptoms. However, changes may result as the tumor goes deeper into the layers of tissues lining the rectum or if the cancer spreads throughout the body.

Generalized symptoms of cancer in rectal may include:

  • Pain in the rectum
  • Abdominal pain
  • Stomach cramps
  • Change in appetite
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Tiredness

Sometimes, these symptoms are not due to a cancer in rectal. Another health problem could cause them. If have any of these symptoms, you should appointment with Chinese master at KL Kuala Lumpur herbal and acupuncture treatment to diagnosed and treated the problem.

What are the causes of Cancer in Rectal?

The actual cause of cancer in rectal unclear. However the following are risk factors for developing cancer in rectal:

  1. Increasing age
  2. Smoking
  3. Family history of cancer in rectal or colon
  4. Diet most from animal sources
  5. Personal history of cancer

Family history is factor in determining the risk of cancer in rectal. Someone who have a mother, father, daughter, sister, or nephew with cancer in rectal have an increased the high risk of disease.


Cancer in Rectal treatment by Chinese master in KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment

KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment are the famous of place in the world in cancer in rectal treatment. Treatment by Chinese master without any surgery and no side effect, So its mean this treatment are very safe for all people actually for children and kids.

Chinese master comes from a long line of family Chinese medical practitioners. His family are the 140 years of practicing in KL Kuala Lumpur China Town, his family passed on to master all the family discipline of studies. Many people through the world come to see Chinese master at Kuala Lumpur to take more recovery in cancer using herbal and acupuncture treatment

Someone who have cancer in rectal don’t be sad and disappointed because KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment having way to make solution. Before this many patients through the world were complete recovery after see Chinese master at KL Kuala Lumpur. Even someone who has last stages in cancer in rectal Chinese master can reduce their pain and stop the abnormal cell from spread the other parts in the body.

The recovery rates depends on the grade, stages and types of cancer, the location cancer, the size of cancer,how long that cancer are happen and also age and patients general health. Early diagnosis especially important for the cancer in rectal because more of disease right responds to treatment before its spread to others body. The earlier cancer in rectal is found and treated, the better person for the complete recovery. Come to see Chinese master at KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment to get the best of treatment to take full in recovery about cancer in rectal.


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